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My first work published ! 

Erotic story for the Immanquable HS magazine #9. 

Only in french though. 


CHAUD NEM JUMP MAGASINE will be at JAPAN EXPO this week, Hall 6 CP 67-69.
Come pay us a visit, we’re selling postcards !

You can now buy great art by :


Valentin Seiche

Mathilde Kitteh









and of course Yours Truly

I’m working on a new comic. Hope it’ll be good.

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Still some quick sketches for a comic book I’m working on . 

In case you’ve missed the first part it’s here.

I still don’t know the name of the heroin, but I’m pretty sure the old woman will be Ashura. Sounds badass.

Quick researches about a comic book I’m working on.

It’s about dance, martial arts, trials and women who struggle for freedom.

I’ll post more in notes to come. 

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Live a Live.  End.

Live a Live. End.

Here’s some postal cards illustrations i’ve made for the next issue of Chaud Nem Jump Magasine

I can’t wait to see what the others contributors are going to do. I’ll keep you updated with the illustrations of my talented friends as well.

Finally, after weeks working with Blackmeal on a GOT fanfilm, i got to the most important part : Lord Baelish house packed with hookers.

Background by Adeline Sim.

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Hi Everyone,

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